Senior Care Authority Launches New Website To Help Seniors in Palm Beach County

12/1/16, Palm Beach (FL) - Senior Care Authority launched its new corporate website to help families find the best place for their loved-ones to live and receive proper care, as well as to become a resource for other senior care services in Palm Beach County.

Founded by Jodi Glacer, Senior Care Authority Palm Beach County is now reaching out for seniors on the internet with a new website at, providing much-needed information about independent living communities, assisted living, memory care, nursing homes, in-home care and other related senior services.

Senior Care Authority, a nationwide franchise providing no-cost, assisted living and memory care eldercare placement services, relies on SeoSamba’s franchise software to develop turnkey websites for all its franchisees across the U.S.

“What is most important to us is to increase our online visibility and become recognized by social network users,” says Jodi Glacer, the Managing Director of Senior Care Authority Palm Beach County, “and of course, having our site on its own domain”.

Thanks to SeoSamba’s out-of-the-box franchise website solution, Senior Care Authority Palm Beach County was able to develop a user-friendly and informative online resource for seniors in record times, and reinforced presence on major social networks.

Thanks to the news platform included in their website package, Mrs. Glacer can now share her rich experience with the world easier than ever. “I've spent nearly 30 years working for large companies,” Mrs Glacer said, ‘My business acumen along with my communication skills, helps me to understand my clients' needs. I can use my strengths and experience in a meaningful way to support individuals and families to navigate through very necessary, but challenging decisions on elder care options. I want to make the transition as smooth as possible”.

Jodi Glacer went on: “What I like most is that I can edit the content directly on the website and I have all the integrated social media tools needed. As our job is based on assisting living and memory care, it’s very important that we can deal with marketing and advertising in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn”.

Jodi Glacer is very confident that her mission will be better fulfilled with the many social marketing tools provided by SeoSamba’s online marketing platform and content management software: “Sure, our website is too new to expect great results, however we do notice new followers appearing, and I believe the network will keep on growing”.

SeoSamba’s CEO Michel Leconte added “Of course, it’s a real pleasure to hear about our services being so useful for the common good through assisting the elderly, but we can’t stop there. We are constantly growing and developing our services to be both more convenient and effective for our customers”.

“Our core mission has always been to help families find the best place for their loved-ones to live and receive proper care, as well as to be a resource for other senior care services,” concludes Mrs. Glacer, “and we’re very pleased with SeoSamba’s professional approach, they definitely help us better help others.”

Press Contact: Jodi Glacer, Managing Director - +1 561 271 8083 -

About Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority is a nationwide, no-cost assisted living and memory care senior placement service, providing hands-on quality assistance throughout the process. The company also provides valuable eldercare resources throughout Palm Beach County.

For more information about Senior Care Authority Palm Beach County, please visit, send an email to, or call 888-854-3910

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