Senior Care Authority San Francisco/ North Bay Area Launches New Website To Help Seniors in Senior Care Authority North Bay Area

1/13/2017, Petaluma (CA) - Senior Care Authority San Francisco North Bay Area launched its new corporate website to provide relevant help and compassionate support to families navigating the challenges and transitions of aging loved ones in Sonoma, Marin, Napa, and Solano Counties.

Under the direction of ​Marcy Baskin, Senior Care Authority North Bay Area has gained major online visibility thanks to its new website, which provides a wealth of information about living options for seniors. The website is a comprehensive resource to families seeking to learn more about independent living, assisted living, memory care, in-home care, skilled nursing, and other related senior services in the San Francisco North Bay area.

Senior Care Authority, a ​nationwide franchise providing no cost assistance in finding residential care options such as assisted living and memory care as well as other elder care consulting services, relies on SeoSamba’s franchise software to develop turnkey websites for all their franchisees across the United States.

”We wanted to create a platform to help us provide personalized, professional service to support our client families. By doing this, we hope to be able to relieve some of the stress often associated with finding the most appropriate care for their loved ones.,” said Marcy Baskin, Managing Director of Senior Care Authority. “Senior Care Authority has the credibility, track record, and support network to help grow this important, necessary service and make it readily available” she added.

As a recognized ElderCare Manager, Patient Navigator and Advocate in private practice, Marcy Baskin appreciates SeoSamba’s content management and online marketing platform. She notes that what she likes most about Seosamba is the teamwork: “I like the real-time availability of support so that my office can handle most of the details, leaving me free to do my work with clients. Response time from SeoSamba has been very quick!”

“Our core mission has always been to provide relevant help and compassionate support to families navigating the challenges and transitions of aging loved ones,” she said “The professionalism, skills, social media platform management and support we find at SeoSamba is very helpful. The fact that we are able to edit content, publish our blogs offering invaluable information to our clients and families is so important. With this part handled by SeoSamba, we can then focus on doing what we do best - helping families who need us.”

Press Contact: Marcy Baskin - 415-237-9197 -

About Senior Care Authority

Senior Ca​re Aut​hority is a Senior Placement and ElderCare Consulting organization that has a national network of professionally trained and experienced, local advisors to assist families in determining the right path for assisted living, memory care, nursing care and other long-term care options.

Senior Care Authority North Bay Area provides elder care placement service for the growing senior population in the San Francisco North Bay Area.

For more information about Senior Care Authority North Bay Area, please visit http://seniorcare-sanfrancisc​, send an email to, or call 415-237-9197.

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