Future of Senior Market – Our Vision

The growth in the number of senior care businesses to meet the demand of an aging population is staggering. Senior Care Authority Canada has developed a business model and full support system to assist families in finding the best options for their parents and other loved ones to live and receive the proper care. This system is proven, can be operated from home with very little overhead and can be very gratifying, both personally and financially. More discussion on the Senior Care Authority Canada program is available throughout this website or you can contact us directly, but let’s first review the future of the market.

Look at some of the facts.

Senior Care Authority Canada is a company providing Assisted Living Placement services from a professional home office environment. With years in the industry and developing a market leadership position in Canada – the management team has developed a keen understanding for the industry, customer base and overall marketplace. The Assisted Living Placement market was chosen part by the vision for where the entire industry was heading.

Our Vision

Senior Care Authority Canada will be the leading brand in the assisted living, dementia and residential care placement service industry. By providing exceptional service through all of our franchisees, partners, suppliers and corporate offices, we will create the credibility, consistency and the confidence from our clients needed to make the difficult decisions we guide people through.

What makes the Senior Care Authority Canada Model Work?

Keys to success for the Senior Care Authority Canada Business Model:

  1. Creating, establishing and maintaining an untarnished reputation in the community and developing relationships with the right decision makers, influencers and industry leaders in each market.
  2. Excellence in the fulfillment and delivery of the placement services–trustworthiness, expertise, reliability, and valuable information.
  3. Dependable, reliable marketing and referrals to generate new customers and referral partners.
  4. Leveraging technology, systems and processes that have been proven to produce consistent and profitable results.


fbrviewpoints_seniorcareauthorityFrank Samson, Founder of Senior Care Authority Canada, discusses the explosive growth of the senior placement services sector as well as how gratifying, both on a professional and personal level, it is to help seniors and their families.



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