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Senior Care Franchise Opportunity in Thompson

Thompson population - 13,678 people


Thompson is a city in northern Manitoba. As the "Hub of the North" it serves as the regional trade and service centre of northern Manitoba. Thompson is located along the Burntwood River, 830 km (520 mi) north of the Canada–United States border, 739 km (459 mi) north of the provincial capital of Winnipeg, and 396 km (246 mi) northeast of Flin Flon. As of 2016, it has a population of 13,123 residents.

According to the 2011 National Household Survey, the population of Thompson is 12,730. The population density was 746.9 per km². The racial make up of Thompson is mostly made up of Aboriginals (35.2%); First Nations (24.9%) and Metis (10.1%), and European (57.9%). There is also a moderate visible minority population (7.0%); South Asian (3.5%) and Black (1.3%) were the two largest minority groups. The religious make up of Thompson is; Christian (59.3%), non-religious (35.0%), Hindu (2.4%) and the remaining 3.3% fall into another religion. Most of the residents are Canadian citizens (95.9%). About 15.9% of the population can speak a language that is not recognized as an official language of Canada. Aboriginal languages are the most common spoken non-official languages (7.2%); Cree (6.5%) and Dene (0.7%), but others include Punjabi (1.7%), Hindi (1.2%) and German (0.9%)

Senior Care Authority® provides the services and guidance to clients and families to help them make the right decision for their loved ones.

This is typically a home based business model which operates with low overhead and minimal operating expenses. The operating model is a professional services concept which requires the operator to have compassion, focus, dedication and great communication skills both over the phone and face-to-face.

We are currently looking for franchisees in the Thompson market to join our fast growing senior care consultants network.

Senior Care Authority® is a company providing Assisted Living Placement services from a professional home office environment. With years in the industry and developing a market leadership position in the Canadian market – the management team has developed a keen understanding of the industry, customer base, and overall marketplace. The Assisted Living Placement market was chosen part of the vision for where the entire industry was heading.

Franchisees will be implementing a proven marketing and community awareness model which will create potential clients for them and opportunities to present the Senior Care Authority services. The operating side of the business will require the addition of an administrative assistant or someone who can manage the paperwork, documentation and operations side of the business. A typical Senior Care Authority location may be run by a husband-wife team or a sole practitioner who just enjoys working from home. The one consistency is that all Senior Care Authority operators love helping people and thrive in an environment where people need help and they can provide the direction and insight needed to shed light on a stressful decision.

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